In all likelihood, Michigan will soon succumb to Federal blackmail and bootstrapping by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and lower its legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for driving to .08 percent. One proposal would even drive the legal BAC down to the impossibly low .05 percent. That leads Bay County Sheriff John E. Miller to remark “Point-o-five: That’s two drinks. Go much lower and we get to Prohibition again. I’ve got a jail that’s overfilled now.” “I think the way the law is right now is satisfactory,” Miller went on. “Michigan is very restrictive in how we deal with drunk drivers, and I don’t think we need to start monkeying with the law.” Cops are joined by prosecutors in their opposition to ever lower BAC arrest thresholds. “It’s another case of someone fixing something that isn’t broken,” said Bay County Prosecutor Joseph K. Sheeran. “The overwhelming majority of prosecutors around the state do not believe that it’s necessary to have criminal sanctions for anything less than 0.08.” In neighboring Indiana, which has already gone to the .08 percent standard, they’re already near Prohibition again. According to Captain Mike Ross of the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, “The media really covered the change in the .08 law. People were led to believe that one beer would get them arrested.” That kind of misinformation is exactly what MADD and other anti-alcohol groups want the public to hear. The common sense message of “don’t drive drunk” has been replaced by ubiquitous neo-prohibitionist slogans like “don’t drink and drive,” “none for the road,” and “impairment begins with the first drink.”