Last month when all hope for adult decision-making in New York seemed lost, a New York state judge threw out the city’s proposed regulation limiting the size of sodas in restaurants and similar establishments. Now, the New England Journal of … Continue reading

War on Food Wrong?

(April 3rd, 2013)
Last week, we took note of an article in the progressive policy journal Breakthrough that challenged the prevailing anti-food orthodoxy in the debate over obesity. It’s worth reading the whole thing if you want a well-argued takedown of the Bloomberg/Brownell/CSPI … Continue reading
Vegans love to claim that their “movement” is growing by leaps and bounds. They say that this time, the “logic” of veganism—which may kill more animals than eating a diet of grass-finished beef—will break through and that finally Americans will … Continue reading
A study—if you can call the unpublished abstract of not-yet-peer-reviewed research a “study”—presented at an American Heart Association (AHA) conference purports to implicate soda consumption in 180,000 deaths worldwide. Even taking the claim at face value, the supposed toll from … Continue reading
Regular readers might remember John Banzhaf, the George Washington University professor and “Sue The Bastards” trial lawyer responsible for frivolous fast-food lawsuits in the early 2000s. Mercifully for our taste buds, he largely failed. But the trial bar and Mr. … Continue reading
A study co-authored by Robert “No Soda Without I.D.” Lustig attracted some attention last week, as it boldly claimed to directly link Type II diabetes incidence with sugar consumption using population-wide data. Several things call this “link” into question. Most … Continue reading
A commonly repeated argument that tries to link food companies with a diabolical obesity-promoting conspiracy is that unhealthy “hyper-processed” snacks are cheaper than fresh fruits and vegetables. Barry Popkin, recanted maker of the myth that high fructose corn syrup is … Continue reading
Two books cashing in on obesity hype are being released this week. Michael Moss’s Salt Sugar Fat claims, despite scientific evidence to the contrary, that we’re just junk food junkies at the mercy of food processing companies who shouldn’t be … Continue reading

Media “Addicted” to Food Hype

(February 25th, 2013)
This past Sunday, the New York Times Magazine ran a cover story on the notion of “food addiction,” claiming that food companies make food that is just too good. The book the article is excerpted from, Salt Sugar Fat by … Continue reading
Yesterday, we covered new findings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that youths are consuming fewer calories now than they did ten years ago. However, obesity has only plateaued, not fallen. Even for William Dietz, the … Continue reading