Since the voters of California wisely rejected the misguided biotech food labeling scheme Proposition 37, activists have redoubled their efforts to shove these unnecessary notes onto food packaging. Washington will vote in November of this year on Initiative 522 if … Continue reading
The 90 percent doctor-free animal liberation group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is trying to capitalize on the minor stir it created with a study that claimed that supermarket chicken was contaminated with poo. Despite widespread criticism from responsible … Continue reading
At the Center for Consumer Freedom, we read activists’ bad ideas every day. Whether they want to tax soda, put meaningless labels on perfectly safe foods produced with biotechnology, or scare consumers about hamburger processing, the food activists and public … Continue reading
Despite overwhelmingly cataclysmic defeats in the Bay Area city of Richmond and the San Gabriel Valley city of El Monte, activists still hope to force through extra taxes on sweet drinks. Reports are surfacing that the state of Vermont, several other cities in the Bay … Continue reading
Denmark has repealed its tax on the saturated fat content of food to much rejoicing. The tax created compliance nightmares, encouraged cross-border shopping trips, and punished small retailers that could not absorb the tax’s impact and apply it across all … Continue reading
We’ve grabbed the popcorn and watched The New York Times’ resident food snob, Mark Bittman, pick through the fallout from the failure of three ballot measures that would have advanced his anti-food-freedom agenda in California, but an op-ed published by … Continue reading
We have watched with great interest two soda tax ballot measures in California cities that New York Times columnist and resident food snob Mark Bittman hoped would lead to the end of beverage freedom. We’ve also examined a ballot proposal … Continue reading
Regular readers here will be familiar with activists’ high hopes for ballot initiatives that will restrict food freedom. In past years, we have seen animal rights activists use ballot measures to ban farming practices that may lead to increased imports … Continue reading
The San Gabriel Valley Tribune editors joined their colleagues at the Contra Costa Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal in balking at local soda taxes in California. The San Francisco Chronicle editorial board also hasn’t been … Continue reading

Activists On Repeat

(October 16th, 2012)
At least Michael Pollan is honest in his attempts to conjure up phony outrage to support his life’s work. As he wrote in The New York Times over the weekend: People like me throw the term around loosely, partly because we … Continue reading