We — and others, including the Food and Drug Administration — have hit daytime television medical commentator Mehmet Oz hard for abandoning the medical science that made his name for anti-scientific and fact-challenged scares about food and promises of miracle … Continue reading
As regular readers know, sugar scolding—whether it’s calling the sweet stuff “the most destructive force in the universe” or demanding that sodas as we know them be sin-taxed or even prohibited altogether—is all the rage these days among the nation’s … Continue reading
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) periodically raises alarm bells about pathogens in America’s generally very safe food supply. Now CSPI has released what it is calling a “risky meat” report, based on what meats have been … Continue reading
In their ongoing quest to classify foods as drugs and regulate them like Everclear, the food police engage in sleight of tongue. In order to convince the public and gullible politicians that they must degrade the public’s right to choose, … Continue reading
The latest tactic by the nation’s food police is to classify foods as “foods of abuse” that are “addictive” and that should be regulated like tobacco cigarettes, alcohol, or even marijuana. Fortunately for gourmands gobbling gouda and commoners chomping on … Continue reading
Today’s Wall Street Journal greets readers with another prescription for dietary doom: According to the latest study, a protein in red meats called l-carnitine leads bacteria in the gut to increase certain heart disease risk factors. To the media, this … Continue reading
Last month when all hope for adult decision-making in New York seemed lost, a New York state judge threw out the city’s proposed regulation limiting the size of sodas in restaurants and similar establishments. Now, the New England Journal of … Continue reading
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) makes no bones about its goals: It wants to scare you into asking the government to ban the foods you love. Why else would it hyperbolically call fettuccine alfredo a “heart … Continue reading

Doubling Down on Dubious

(March 22nd, 2013)
More “goodies” from the unpublished abstracts of yet-to-be-peer-reviewed research: According to the same team that built from discredited methodology to purport that soft drinks were lethal, one in ten Americans is killed by eating salt. This beggars belief, as it … Continue reading

Is Comfort Food Cranky Food?

(March 18th, 2013)
Being told he isn’t allowed to deprive New Yorkers of their soda might make Mayor Michael Bloomberg cranky, but he might take solace from a CBS Boston report that claims that comfort food makes you angry or violent or something. … Continue reading