These are difficult days for Americans’ food freedom. A Nevada state legislator has resurrected a proposal for a fast food tax, researchers writing in the journal of the Centers for Disease Control — now led by NYC’s former top food cop — … Continue reading
We’ve been beating up on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg a lot lately, but he’s suddenly looking more like a cool babysitter than a nagging nanny.  But that’s only in relative terms—the so-called “Physicians Committee” for “Responsible Medicine” (PCRM) is coming to … Continue reading
National Public Radio is airing a series this week on “The Making of Meat-Eating America.” And as sure as the sun rises, there is much excited muttering about how eating all that meat is killing the planet. Morning Edition warns … Continue reading
The 90-percent-non-physician Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is trying to ban all animal products from the federal food stamp program, officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). To that end, the strict vegetarian advocates with ties to … Continue reading
The intellectual godfather of the animal rights movement, Peter Singer, co-authored an article in The Washington Post claiming, “To fix the climate, take meat off the menu.” What’s the problem? U.N. negotiators assembled in Brazil for an environmental conference dare … Continue reading
Lost among last week’s brouhaha over Great Nanny of New York Michael Bloomberg’s edict banning large-ish restaurant sodas was another of the tiresome stunts by the misleadingly named—only 10 percent of its members are claimed to be M.D.s—Physicians Committee for … Continue reading
Mark Bittman, the arch-food snob of The New York Times online op-ed section, came out with another doozy of a column this week. Calling for Americans to become “heroes” in the fight against global warming by giving up–or at least … Continue reading
We predicted that the unscientific, hysterical calls to remove finely textured beef–tarred as “pink slime” in the media—would result in higher hamburger prices and no benefits to food safety or sustainability. The early results of the scare, as reported by … Continue reading
Washington, DC – Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) criticized the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s (PCRM) latest media stunt: petitioning the White House to forbid pictures of the Obamas or other members of the President’s staff eating … Continue reading
The evangelical vegetarians at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (despite the name, only 10 percent of its members are medical doctors) have a habit of attacking President Obama and the First Family for their consumer choices. You see, apparently the President and the First Lady appreciate the occasional cheeseburger, and PCRM … Continue reading