Readers of National Geographic who are accustomed to reading about exotic animals and locations may be disappointed when they pick up their August addition. Rather than lions and tigers or Mount Everest being featured on the cover, the top story for this new … Continue reading
Soft drink scolds — the kind of people who back the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s (CSPI) call for soda Prohibition or Kelly “Big Brother” Brownell’s plan to tax soda more than beer — have a problem with … Continue reading
Americans do not like to be told what they can or cannot eat and drink. Personal responsibility has once again silenced the loud minority of fun suckers bent on controlling the people’s diet. Earlier this month, a Gallup poll determined … Continue reading
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Albany Times Union If you want to see creativity in politicians, look at the excuses they come up with to get more of your money. Seattle even taxes dying, to the tune of $50. The latest … Continue reading
On Tuesday, the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division (New York’s second-highest tier of courts) heard New York City’s appeal against the decision by Judge Milton Tingling that struck down the ban on restaurant soft drink servings greater than 16 … Continue reading
New Yorkers had their day to make like the guy on the New York Post cover and pour (or, more typically, drink) big gulps of freedom when Judge Milton Tingling ordered the city not to implement its ban on certain … Continue reading
The press release wires recently buzzed with an announcement from a group calling itself “Citizens for Health” calling attention to the unpublished abstract of not-yet-peer-reviewed research purporting to show that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) promotes addictive behavior in rats. It’s … Continue reading
New Yorkers riding public transportation will see new gross-out advertisements from New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene — the same entity tasked with imposing a soda ban on city restaurants before it was invalidated by a state … Continue reading
Readers of The Washington Post were greeted with a full-page announcement by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation that the companies participating had achieved their goal of reducing the annual calorie supply by 1.5 trillion calories two years ahead of schedule. … Continue reading
With state legislative seasons wrapping up and official deadlines approaching, activists placed their hopes to end beverage freedom on a California soda tax proposal. Now, legislators have placed it in the “suspense file,” which effectively kills it. Proponents had hoped … Continue reading