By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Newsday The New York State Legislature should avoid the mistake of voting to label genetically modified organisms. Scientists at organizations such as the American Medical Association, the Royal Society of London and the World Health Organization … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: New Haven Register This week, the latest in a series of one-sided exposé documentaries against food companies, “Fed Up,” opens in New Haven. The film boasts a star-studded cast to package its message: Sugar is a killer … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Indianapolis Star  Before Indiana follows in Vermont’s misguided footsteps and mandates the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) consider this: Scientific consensus finds GMOs are safe, and the technology has promise to aid people all around the … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: The Hill  Recently, Vermont became the first state to mandate de facto warning labels on genetically improved foods (GIFs), also referred to as GMOs. There is no scientific reason to require any sort of special labeling … Continue reading

Safe foods

(April 23rd, 2014)
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Chicago Tribune No credible studies find that genetically improved foods have any negative impact on human or animal health, contrary to the claims made by ideological, anti-agriculture activists. Scientific consensus, led by the National Academy of … Continue reading
We have been skeptical of classifying obesity as a disease since 2003, arguing that doing so would lead people to use less personal responsibility as they come to believe they’re helpless. This, in turn, could lead people to choose higher-calorie foods or even exercise less, ultimately leading to more … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Macon Telegraph Earth Day, held on April 22, turns 44 this year. The occasion will once again be marked by advocacy groups trotting out different proposals for things people can do to help the environment, from driving … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Grand Island Independent  Since our country’s founding, states have had the right to determine their own affairs. Each state is free to experiment and choose different laws, but those laws stop at the border. A troubling California … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: The Wall Street Journal  Six states—Missouri, Alabama, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Nebraska—sued California in federal court last month. If they are successful, the U.S. Constitution will be vindicated, and Californians may be spared having to pay … Continue reading

Anti-GMO Protesters Hill Ad

(March 25th, 2014)