Alan Guebert’s Wonderland

(March 24th, 2014)
By: Rick Berman Newspaper: AgWeek Syndicated columnist Alan Guebert has a very curious proposition for agriculture in his recent column. He thinks farmers and ranchers should dismiss the “disreputable” campaigns my organization runs, namely and And instead, they … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: The Oklahoman Congratulations to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for challenging California’s attempt to stick its nose into Oklahoma egg farms. Despite not being accountable to Oklahomans, California politicians passed a law that seeks to radically impose … Continue reading
By: Sarah Longwell Newspaper: San Fran Chronicle There’s a new product on the market that offers a chance to find a workable middle ground in America’s smoking debate. Called vapes, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, they deliver nicotine with a big twist: … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Charleston Daily Mail In the 20th Century, a new food was introduced to the human diet. Grown by farmers in New Zealand without pre-market oversight, this food is now in everything from pie to natural food … Continue reading
By: Richard Berman Newspaper: Palm Beach Daily News Humane Society of the United States backer Therese Mersentes can’t defend her organization’s many shortcomings and deceptive advertising, so she instead lobs irrelevant personal attacks against me. Here are the important facts … Continue reading
By: Richard Berman Newspaper: Forbes Soda, pop, coke. There are a lot of different names for fizzy, sugary drinks, depending on where you are. But the phrase “cancer-causing” might become universally applied. According to Consumer Reports, some soda has tested … Continue reading

Guebert misses point

(February 19th, 2014)
By: Richard Berman Newspaper: Watertown Public Opinion Alan Guebert misses the real racket when he complains about the campaigns of my organization, Center for Consumer Freedom, that expose “food police” and animal rights activist groups: How much money is being … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: NY Post NYCLASS isn’t a one-trick pony anymore: Founded to crusade against Central Park’s carriage-horse operators, the group that spent $220,000 to elect Mayor de Blasio has now turned its attention to banning elephant acts in … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Las Vegas Review-Journal  In nature, camouflage is often a defensive strategy. It allows prey to escape detection. But in politics, camouflage can be used by the predators just as well. And it appears many traditionally left-leaning … Continue reading

Koster suit debate

(February 13th, 2014)
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Kansas City Star The Star unfortunately sides with radical animal activists in opposing Attorney General Chris Koster’s lawsuit against California (2-6, Editorial, “Koster is off the mark with bad egg lawsuit”). It’s an utterly undemocratic position … Continue reading