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No fizz in soda tax

(July 30th, 2012)
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Philly Daily News Perhaps Mayor Nutter knows that research doesn’t support his claims that soda taxes will reduce obesity. After all, he seems to subscribe to the view that the revenue matters more. (“Specter of … Continue reading

Frank talk

(March 21st, 2012)
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Chicago Tribune The juvenile billboard from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine claiming that hot dogs cause “butt cancer” is another eye-rolling stunt from an animal rights group. The real pain in the rear is … Continue reading

PETA’s hypocrisy

(November 15th, 2011)
By: Rick Berman Newspaper: The Washington Times It’s ironic that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would act like it is protecting animals given how many it routinely sends to an untimely demise (“Big animal rights groups do … Continue reading
By: Rick Berman Newspaper: Columbia Daily Tribune In response to the Oct. 11 opinion piece “State barking up the wrong tree,” if the Humane Society of the United States is so concerned about pet shelters’ finances, it should pony up … Continue reading
By: Rick Berman Newspaper: Cleveland Plain Dealer It’s unfortunate that Mayor Frank Jackson has decided to listen to the opinions of the animal-rights radicals at People for the “Ethical” Treatment of Animals concerning circus elephants. PETA isn’t complaining about elephant … Continue reading
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Baltimore Sun While Maryland state lawmakers consider instituting a five-cent fee on plastic bags, you should consider this: Those polypropylene bags that will replace them are likely to bring dangerous bacteria like E. coli in … Continue reading

Number inflated

(December 3rd, 2010)
By: David Martosko Newspaper: The Lincoln Journal Star I’m writing to correct some information about the Humane Society of the United States. The nation’s wealthiest animal rights group often says it has 11 million members, but its own tax records … Continue reading

Happy Meal ban illogical

(November 17th, 2010)
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: USA Today Eric Mar’s defense of his Happy Meal ban fails to draw a direct link between toys and children’s weight. That’s because no such link exists. There’s no convincing evidence that the meals themselves … Continue reading

Fructose Confusion

(October 16th, 2010)
By: J. JUSTIN WILSON Newspaper: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The Post-Gazette was incorrect in writing that the human body processes high fructose corn syrup differently from table sugar (“What’s in a Name?” Oct. 9 editorial). The American Medical Association stated in 2008 … Continue reading