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By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Soon, going to the doctor’s office and having your height and weight checked might not be a simple, routine evaluation, but instead a determination of whether you have a disease. While common sense says … Continue reading
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Albany Times Union If you want to see creativity in politicians, look at the excuses they come up with to get more of your money. Seattle even taxes dying, to the tune of $50. The latest … Continue reading
By: Will Coggin Newspaper: Bakersfield Californian The Californian recently editorialized against a farm bill amendment from Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, that is meant to stop one state from interfering in interstate farm commerce (“Pass the farm bill, but without this harmful … Continue reading
By: Rick Berman Newspaper: Republican American Cats and dogs are considered family members by many, but the legal system has long distinguished people and animals. And for good reason: People can control their actions, while you can’t exactly put a cat … Continue reading
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Press-Enterprise California has spent the better half of the last century branding itself as the health and fitness capital of the United States. From “California Cuisine” to Muscle Beach, if you’re sporting a spare tire, … Continue reading
By: Rick Berman Newspaper: The Des Moines Register In America, we all know the customer is king. But what if that customer not only wants to be king, but emperor, too? Imagine you have a customer who badmouths your business … Continue reading
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: U-T San Diego California voters agreed to $6 billion in tax increases through last fall’s Proposition 30. But some state legislators found that hike insufficient to satisfy their insatiable appetite for revenue, so now they’re coming … Continue reading
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: Reno Gazette Journal We all know Nevada’s economy is struggling: The state’s unemployment rate has remained high at 9.8 percent. With sales and property tax receipts down from the heyday before the recession when tourism was … Continue reading

Soda tax should fizz out

(March 8th, 2013)
By: J. Justin Wilson Newspaper: The Maui News Nothing makes a politician more creative than the desire to find more money to spend. Members of the Hawaii Legislature are no exception: Sen. Donna Kim (D-Moanalua, Kalihi Valley) is sponsoring a measure … Continue reading

State bill would threaten farmers

(February 21st, 2013)
By: Rick Berman Newspaper: Boston Globe Names can be deceiving. In Communist countries, “the people’s party” is really the dictators’ party. A “pre-owned” car can be a lemon. And in the Bay State, the so-called Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act … Continue reading