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The federal government's famed "Food Pyramid" is on its way out, to be replaced by something resembling a plate or, somewhat ironically, a pie chart. While the "Food Pyramid" — or "Food Plate" — is a way to educate Americans … Continue reading
British "Minister of Food" Jamie Oliver is back on the air after getting a brief boot from ABC to make room during May sweeps. But Oliver's failure to capture much viewership — his show is now relegated to Friday nights … Continue reading
There’s an old wise-crack that “everybody has the right to my opinion.” It’s a quip that brings to mind every bobble-headed political pundit on cable news. But more and more, oddly, it seems to apply to chefs. With the rise … Continue reading

Health-scare hocus-pocus

(May 27th, 2011)
May is National Cancer Research Month. Cancer is so widespread that it’s likely you know someone who has it. As a cure continues to elude our best scientific minds, public health advocates emphasize prevention as the best medicine. This makes … Continue reading
Have you heard about proposals in many states to tax soft drinks in order to make people lose weight? Or the one to ban toys in kids’ meals in order to “fight childhood obesity”? It’s all brought to you in … Continue reading

What do a svelte marathon veteran and a 400-pound sumo wrestler have in common? Both completed the Los Angeles Marathon recently, and both ran as strong testaments against the recycled rhetoric of today's anti-obesity activists.

Exhibit A: Joe D'Amico, a long-time distance runner who ate only fast food for the...

Have you heard the proposal in California and several other states to tax soft drinks in order to make people lose weight? Or the one to ban toys in fast-food kids' meals in order to "fight childhood obesity"?

Such heavy-handed measures may sound unappetizing, but it's all brought to you...

Taxes are one of only two sure things in life. And after November’s elections showed that people don’t want higher taxes, politicians are going to have to get more clever about taking more of our money.

Already, lawmakers in California are looking for taxes next year on – wait for...

Bag the Bag Ban

(March 10th, 2011)

Washington is considering banning plastic bags in order to discourage their use and save the environment. If consumers replace their plastic bags with reusable bags, we as a society will reduce our carbon footprint and keep plastic bags from entering our waterways and getting caught in our trees, right?



While Maryland state lawmakers consider instituting a five-cent fee on plastic bags, you should consider this: Those polypropylene bags that will replace them are likely to bring dangerous bacteria like E. coli in contact with your food. ("The (occasional) virtues of nickel-and-diming," Feb. 8).

According to a recent survey from Opinion Research Corporation, more...