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Perpetuating The Soy Myth

Even journalists in the heart of dairy country are promoting the soy myth. The Madison Wisconsin’s Capital Times says, “If women seek to ease symptoms of menopause without using hormones – as more and more women in this country are doing – some research suggests a soy-based diet can help.” (“Milk snit vs. soy is hissy fit,” Capital Times, 3/13/00.)

However, recent research from the Mayo Clinic found that, “Despite optimistic hopes that this soy phytoestrogen product would alleviate hot flashes, the scientific data from this study demonstrated that it did not help.” (“Soy and hot flashes – More heat than substance,” CNN, 2/29/00.)

In what proves to be essentially a promotion for the nanny holiday “Meatout 2000,” the Hartford Courant gives free rein to nanny spokesperson Laurelee Blanchard. “We know we are making progress because USDA’s new dietary guidelines enable school cafeterias to replace greasy hamburgers laced with cholesterol and pathogens with wholesome soy-based veggie burgers. And soy milk is now recognized to be on par with cow’s milk,” said Blanchard. (“It’s the day to veg out,” The Hartford Courant, 3/15/00.)

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