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Using Food As A Political Weapon

Columnist Michele Lansberg profiles the Ralph Nader of India, Vandana Shiva. Shiva thinks the war against “food dictatorship” (a handful of “monster” corporations controlling the global food supply), will be the springboard for ending globalization. “It’s gathering momentum. We saw its power in Seattle, we’ll see busloads of youth at the Biodevastation protests in Boston this weekend, and next it will be Washington in April when the World Bank meets,” said Shiva.

Lansberg concludes, “Food may seem an odd starting point for changing the world, but think about it. From France (”Let them eat cake”) to America (the Boston Tea Party) to India (the ill-fated British salt tax) to last year’s food riots in Indonesia, many of the world-changing citizen uprisings in history have happened when arrogant power went too far with its manipulations of and profiteering from the stuff that sustains life.”

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