A series of articles in the San Francisco Chronicle sets the stage for a major public policy debate over the goals of USDA’s upcoming National Nutrition Summit on May 30-31. Calling for a severe hike in new food taxes, retired columnist (and full-time nanny) Dorothy Dimitre writes: “[T]he corporations that produce junk food should be taxed, not only for producing high-calorie, high-fat products, but also for those that contain few or no nutrients, such as soft drinks, candy and other empty-calorie ‘foods.'” Dimitre adds that next month’s nutrition summit “will consider a consumer tax on high-calorie food products,” a proposal heavily hyped by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

The Libertarian Party provides a compelling rebuttal to the nannies’ war cry for new fat taxes, using research from recent Center For Consumer Freedom articles. War on Fat, Assault on Meat