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Choosing To Deny Choice

In response to complaints about Oklahoma City not spending enough money on animal welfare, The Daily Oklahoman blasts the anti-choice animal rights activists from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for spending “surprisingly little to actually shelter and care for animals” themselves. Instead, the Oklahoman says PETA spends its money to “support political causes” and pay “for legal representation of people accused of animal rights terrorism.”

Case in point, PETA has produced a 30-second commercial to protest the production and consumption of foie gras (not exactly an every-day consumer item) and plans to air it in New York, the country’s most expensive media market. The Oklahoman asks, “Why not make up the shortfall by volunteering at the shelters, donating money to run them or even opening your own shelters that would take some of the burden off the city’s operations?” (“Huffing and puffing animal groups barking up the wrong tree,” The Daily Oklahoman, 6/6/00.)

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