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Genetic Improvement To Our Food: Safe And Necessary

The Auckland (NZ) Sunday Star-Times reports that the United Nations and the World Health Organization have issued yet another in a growing list of reports that finds genetically improved food “is as safe as its conventional counterpart.” (“Study gives GM foods clean bill,” 7/16/00)

Speaking to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Department of Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman said we have to use genetically improved foods to increase the quantity and quality of food if we are to feed the world’s population. “Many of the opponents [of genetically improved foods], frankly, can afford the luxury of their opposition; they don’t have to worry about food insecurity since they live in prosperous, agriculturally abundant societies,” he said.

Some of those opponents will be kicking off a new campaign tomorrow to remove genetically improved products from the market. Nannies from the United States Public Interest Research Group, National Environmental Trust, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Organic Consumers Association, Friends of the Earth, Pesticide Action Network, and the Center for Food Safety will have press conferences across the country to trumpet their latest misbegotten efforts. We will keep you updated.

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