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We’ve Got A Bridge To Sell You

Organic marketers are taking advantage of anti-choice activists’ scare tactics to make all sorts of claims about the “benefits of eating organic.” One of the most deceptive involves the selling of the “organic sugar substitute” Sucanat. Sucanat, at over $3.50 a pound, is sugar with some molasses added, just like the Domino’s brown sugar you can buy for less than a dollar a pound. There is almost no difference.

Speaking of the anti-choice crowd, activists cut down over 3,000 small trees over the weekend in the (mistaken) belief that the trees were genetically improved. A spokesman for the tree farm said, “We’re puzzled. There is no gene splicing and no gene manipulation here.” It was just last week in a similar stunt that anti-choice lunatics from the Earth Liberation Front destroyed corn that was not genetically improved, but rather was the result of natural plant breeding.

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