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Organic Industry Hires Activists

Organic marketer Real Food Company is hosting a rally “to demand accountability from biotechnology companies” by requiring labels for all genetically improved foods. The featured speaker is none other than Craig Winters of the Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods. In case there was any lingering doubt, Real Food Company’s sponsorship of the rally and the entire Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods are undeniable proof that the organic industry, under the guise of acting in the consumer interest, is undertaking a massive fear-based marketing campaign to disparage non-organic food production.

The Real Food Company is not alone in spreading fear. Take a look at The Campaign’s sponsors, a who’s who of organic marketers: Whole Foods Market, Earth Balance Inc., Emerald Valley Kitchen, Eden Foods, Nature’s Path Foods, SweetWheat, Spectrum Organic Products, HerbPharm, NOW Foods, New Moon Natural Foods.

The Campaign is not the only industry effort to bash biotech and conventional food production. Let’s not forget the Keep Nature Natural campaign, designed as “A campaign for labeling and establishment of safety standards for genetically engineered foods,” and funded by many of the same organic industry groups as The Campaign, including Whole Foods Market, Eden Foods, and Emerald Valley Kitchen.

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