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CSPI’s Latest Misstep

In the latest flare-up, the nannies at the Center for Science in the Public Interest stand accused of using bad science is their recent condemnation of “functional foods.” The Herb…
Posted September 29, 2000 at 12:00 am

It’s Not Easy Being Green

One might think that James Lovelock, founder of the Gaia theory (a holistic biology which views Earth as a living organism) might be the greenest of the "Greens." However, in his just-published book Dr. Lovelock says "too many Greens are not just ignorant of science, they hate science." He likens these activists to "some global over-anxious mother figure who is so concerned about small risks that she ignores the real dangers."
Posted September 28, 2000 at 12:00 am

Another Scare Tactic

The Fear Marketeers are holding a press conference today in Washington DC, this time in an attempt to capitalize on a recent report from the Maharishi University's Genetic ID. For more information about what's really behind this fear campaign, check out this report.
Posted September 28, 2000 at 12:00 am

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Genetic ID, the nanny-backed testing firm that claims to have found something wrong with Taco Bell’s taco shells, continues to try to defend itself against charges of impropriety. Company president…
Posted September 27, 2000 at 12:00 am

Um, Um Good

The New York Times sets the record straight on milk. Despite all the nanny warnings about the dangers of drinking it, the Times says: "In addition to building bones, the calcium and other components in milk may help to prevent hypertension (and, thus, heart disease and stroke) and cancers of the breast and colon. Milk is also a good source of other vital nutrients, including vitamins A and D, riboflavin, protein, phosphorus and the trace elements copper, zinc and manganese."
Posted September 26, 2000 at 12:00 am

We Fight For Your Rights

Who fights against the food cops, health care enforcers, vegetarian activists, anti-tobacco forces and bureaucrats who tell others what's good for them? The Center For Consumer Freedom does. Read about us in today's Washington Times.
Posted September 26, 2000 at 12:00 am

What Are These Chefs Cooking Up?

Who said: Morton’s Steakhouse is “an insult to anybody who has an ounce of intelligence‚Ķ [M]any people don’t realize when they eat those racks of flesh what their impact…
Posted September 25, 2000 at 12:00 am

Chefs Not True To Their Word

Chefs Collaborative members like Alice Waters and Rick Bayless say that you should only use fresh, preferably organically grown produce harvested by local farmers. Yet, as the Wall Street Journal’s…
Posted September 22, 2000 at 12:00 am

Unnecessary Labeling

The American Council on Science and Health's Ruth Kava attacks the Center for Science in the Public Interest's campaign to force labeling for products that contain added sugars. Kava says, "Labeling foods or ingredients as 'good' or 'bad' is simply an unhealthy red herring - it is quite possible to avoid added sugars and still have a poor diet!"
Posted September 22, 2000 at 12:00 am

Bring On The Bacon!

Despite all the anti-choice nannies preaching against it, bacon is back! The Seattle Times examines why bacon lovers are in hog heaven.
Posted September 22, 2000 at 12:00 am