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What Are These Chefs Cooking Up?

Who said:

Morton’s Steakhouse is “an insult to anybody who has an ounce of intelligence… [M]any people don’t realize when they eat those racks of flesh what their impact is on the environment”

“We have a responsibility to steer people to better food choices, to show them they can enjoy eating healthy plant-based meals.”

“It is not only possible but it is actually probably probable” that Mad Cow disease is present in the U.S. food supply.

“I’m committed to the power of plants.”

GreenpeaceThe Center for Science in the Public InterestThe Chefs Collaborative People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals The Animal Liberation Front
The answer is C. “Celebrity” chefs-turned-activists who want to reduce meat consumption, promote organic products and stop the sale of genetically improved foods.

What’s the difference between “outside” groups trashing the industry and “celebrity” chefs spreading hysteria and bad science? Find out by reading our report.

You need to know what these chefs are cooking up.

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