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CSPI’s Latest Misstep

In the latest flare-up, the nannies at the Center for Science in the Public Interest stand accused of using bad science is their recent condemnation of “functional foods.” The Herb Research Foundation lays out specific examples of CSPI overreacting or misstating the facts in an effort to frighten people away from Green Tea and Ginseng.

Among the allegations launched against CSPI by the herb folks:

CSPI accuses Arizona Green Tea of making “false and misleading” health benefit claims when, in fact, it makes no label claim of any kind; CSPI claims “it is unknown…what happens when [herbs in functional foods] are heated” when, in fact, “most everything we know about what happens to herbs in the body was studied by first heating them,” according to the Herb Foundation.

Maybe it would be easier if CSPI just wrote down a list of what they think we should eat, and be done with it. They could probably knock that list out in about five minutes.

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