Part I: The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a new target. McDonald’s changed its animal handling standards in the face of a PETA campaign. Now the radical anti-choice group is coming after Burger King, calling on the company to “exceed the new animal welfare standards set by McDonald’s.” (“PETA sets its sights on Burger King’s slaughterhouse practices,” The Miami Herald, 10/12/00)

Part II: The Pesticide Action Network says Safeway’s recalling its store-brand taco shells (found to contain genetically improved corn that could possibly cause an allergic reaction in some people) isn’t enough. The group is calling on Safeway to stop stocking products containing any genetically improved ingredients, known to be safe or not. (“Ecology group chides Safeway for genetically altered corn found in taco shells,” Associated Press, 10/13/00)