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Report From The Front Lines

The Wine Tasting Association of the Washington DC area recently endured an animated protest by the fowl-mouthed bird lovers of the United Poultry Concern at their annual Foie Gras Seminar. The following e-mail from WTA head Mark Phillips shows just how far these anti-choice activists are willing to go.

“The Foie Gras Seminar was a big hit last night but I’m glad it’s over. I received thousands of protests via fax, email, phone and mail. I still have a stack of mail a foot high that I haven’t even opened. The anti-foie gras people protested with a bullhorn in front of my house last weekend and it took eight officers from five squad cars to disperse them.”

“They placed a large 4 ft tall stuffed animal duck on my lawn two nights ago with a metal pipe shoved down its throat and a can of corn open next to it. The last few days were particularly intense with the phone calls, faxes and emails…around the clock.”

“The police were out in force at the seminar last night as we knew they would be protesting. The woman who spear-headed the protests, showed up to the seminar room as we were setting up, demanded we cancel it and then kind of flipped out when I said no. She was escorted from the room by two DC police officers.”

“It was quite a scene outside the hotel with a dozen or more protesters present. Police cars with lights flashing made it that much more of a spectacle. One woman was petting a duck. Although I had plain-clothes police in my seminar, no disruptions occurred and it was a wonderful event.

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