If you have any doubts that there is an organized activist campaign underway to unnecessarily perpetuate fear of mad cow disease, this should erase them. Consumer Freedom has discovered copies of the exact same scare letter, each with a different author, printed in at least ten different newspapers across the country (The Bergen County Record – 2/9/01, The Tennessean – 2/3/01, The Des Moines Register – 2/5/01, Chicago Sun-Times – 2/5/01, The Fresno Bee – 2/8/01, The Bloomington Illinois Pantagraph – 2/8/01, The Palm Beach Post – 2/11/01, The Tampa Tribune – 2/5/01, The Champaign Illinois News Gazette – 2/7/01, The Providence Journal – 2/3/01)

Read our report “Mad Cow: A New American Scare Campaign” to find out who is behind the U.S. Mad Cow scare campaign and why.