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Sooooo-ey! Sue!

We told you it would come to this. A group of enviro-nannies has begun taking their anti-meat crusade to court. According to today’s Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, a coalition led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s group (called the Water Keeper Alliance) filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against Smithfield Foods, North Carolina’s largest hog producer.

What makes this legal action particularly insidious is that it was filed under the “RICO” racketeering statute. This means that the environmentalists are hoping to hold Smithfield executives personally liable for triple damages if they can prove environmental and economic harm.

Robert F. Kennedy made no bones about his objectives, telling the L.A. Times: “I promise you this: We will march across this country and we will bring these kind of lawsuits against every single pork factory in America if we have to.”

The Center For Consumer Freedom has been telling you about this anti-hog movement since 1999. They’re organized, they’re dedicated, they’re fully-funded, and they’re coming to a coutroom near you.

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