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The War On Soda Heats Up

We’ve been telling you about how the peddlers of junk science have tried to connect soft drink consumption with everything from obesity to broken bones. The Food section of today’s Illinois State Journal-Register jumps on the bandwagon without even bothering to attribute these assertions to researchers Grace Wyshak and David Ludwig. See our coverage of the Nanny Culture’s war on soda for more info.

Meanwhile, Michigan state legislator Virgil Bernero has introduced legislation to outlaw the sale of soft drinks in all public schools. Only one exception would be made: high schools could turn on vending machines after classes are over for the day. One annoyed mom told the Detroit News that she didn’t want the government dictating the choices she can make for her family. Her advice: “If you don’t want your kids drinking pop, tell them not to.” Somebody book that parent on a speaking tour!

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