Moral Low Ground

Today’s Washington Times exposes two great examples of the nanny culture run amok. First, the “Inside Politics” column describes how People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is sending activists to Kenya, trying to convert the masses to vegetarianism. One problem: over 4 million Kenyans are at risk of starvation. Malnutrition is their main health problem – not obesity or cholesterol. “Chicken is not an endangered species,” said one Kenyan. “I don’t see the sense of it.”

A few pages later, former American Farm Bureau Federation president Dean Kleckner opines that America’s farmers should reclaim the moral high ground from biotech scaremongers like clothing manufacturer Patagonia. As he points out, modern agriculture is decidedly on the side of the angels: “Only biotechnology can bridge the gap between the growing world population and the shrinking amount of arable land.”

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