Revelations From The Animal-Rights Fringe

Headline: This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse (Sports Illustrated, May 21)
“Claiming that the promotion of milk is racist because many blacks and Hispanics are lactose intolerant, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called for the Indy 500 to replace the winner’s traditional sip of dairy milk with orange juice or soy milk.”

Headline: Last Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse (New York Daily News, April 22)
“Setting new standards for tastelessness, the animal rights group PETA urged Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh to give up all meat and dairy for the rest of his life. ‘Innocent people died in the Oklahoma City bombing, and innocent animals suffer miserably and then are slaughtered for nothing more than an old, dirty habit,’ the group said in a letter to McVeigh.

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