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Milk’s Benefits Still Outweigh ‘Speculative’ Risks

The upcoming issue of U.S. News & World Report includes a “news you can use” essay about milk. The magazine concludes that, unless you are lactose-intolerant, milk’s “pluses still outweigh its more speculative minuses.” We would place special emphasis on the word “speculative.” Animal-rights zealots at PETA and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (to say nothing of Robert Cohen, the Anti-Dairy Coalition’s “NOTmilk” guy) have been trying to convince us for years that milk is the devil’s own toxic sludge. Slowly, though, these lies are being exposed in the mainstream mass media. Even über-nannies like CSPI’s Michael Jacobson now concede that milk is “the standard way our culture has gotten calcium and nutrients over the years.” The chief of the calcium and bone laboratory at a USDA nutrition center, adds: “There is no evil source of calcium in the American diet.”

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