The July/August issue of famed Leftist magazine Mother Jones features a cover story from Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation. Schlosser, who fancies himself a 21st century Upton Sinclair, will take any opportunity to slam the meat industry, even when he has to go “forum shopping” to such an obviously anti-industry venue. The article, which hit newsstands yesterday, is a coarse attack on the cattlemen and slaughterhouses that bring Americans an ever-increasing supply of beef. Perhaps coincidentally, Mother Jones is being bankrolled by marketers of vegetarian, organic, and so-called “natural” foods, all of which would stand to benefit financially if domestic meat consumption were to slow down in response to Schlosser’s tirades. The issue in which his story appears includes nearly 10 pages of paid advertising from interested parties including Eden Foods, Nasoya, Spectrum Natural Foods, White Wave, Nutrition Now, and Imagine Foods. And, of course, an ad for Schlosser’s book.