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What would Lou Grant think?

It’s just the latest in a long line of examples of celebrity glitter being brought to bear by the Nanny Culture. A new program from the anti-meat nannies at Farm Sanctuary is using Mary Tyler-Moore to put a “compassionate” face on the push for animal rights. Called “sentient beings,” the campaign’s stated goal is to “achieve legal protections” for farm animals.

Mary Tyler-Moore is herself a long-time vegetarian, and sits on the National Board of the Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM), the organization that is responsible for the annual “Great American Meatout.” And while it’s hard to say what WJM’s Lou Grant would think of Mary lining up with anti-meat activists, Ed Asner (who played Lou on TV) would be right behind her. Asner is an Honorary Chair of Farm Sanctuary, and sits on FARM’s National Board as well, along with fellow celebs James Cromwell, Alicia Silverstone, Casey Kasem, Bill Maher, Rue McClanahan, and Linda Blair.

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