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The Nation embraces an anti-meat activist

Is Eric Schlosser’s book all about food safety and health, or just a thinly-disguised political manifesto? Schlosser, nearing the end of his Fast Food Nation book tour, took an interview with the liberal magazine The Nation this week, and demonstrated a bit of what motivated his unabashed hit piece on the quick-service restaurant industry. “I don’t eat ground beef anymore,” Schlosser says. “I’m not worried about getting sick from it; I’m pissed off at the corporate greed and the governmental lack of will that’s allowing all kinds of bad stuff into your hamburger meat.” Despite his political views, he admits that our meat supply is a safe one: “I don’t think people should be afraid of their food. If you’re a reasonably healthy adult, the odds are low that eating a burger is going to make you sick.”

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