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Organic marketers clean up

We’ve told you all along that Jeffrey Armour Nelson’s “vegsource” website is more about revenues than revolution: today’s “news” of the launch of an ‘all-vegan’ soap company is just more evidence. In plugging this for-profit business, Nelson is driving commerce to a fellow board member of EarthSave International. Coincidence? Not hardly. Vegsource, like the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, openly plugs other products. Vegetarian activist John McDougall’s ‘diet meal plan’ – consisting of 40 cup-a-soup meals (and found in the pages of the Sharper Image® catalog for $119) – is a perfect example. Nice work if you can get it.

While the soap’s creators – who “human-tested” it on each other and their friends – don’t really say what “vegan soap” is, we doubt that Oatmeal Lavender lather (or the “hottest new flavor,” which includes “natural” bug repellent) would make much of an appetizer for anyone.

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