It’s been a month, but some anti-consumer-choice fanatics still haven’t learned, and still use terrorism as a tactic. “While nothing compares to the Attack on America or the loss of lives on Sept. 11, acts of terrorism on U.S. soil are not uncommon,” writes Minnesota Star Tribune columnist Ron Schara. Ask medical scientists who have had their labs bombed, or meat vendors who have had their trucks burned, he argues. “These are the acts of people with a cause and a terrorist-like fervor who believe their view of animals justifies almost any violence against the enemy.”

“Why aren’t animal rights organizations more forceful in condemning the actions of extremists or aiding in their arrests?” Schara asks. “Isn’t sympathizing or protecting animal terrorists just as deplorable?… Unfortunately, there are those in the animal rights movement who think they can force their views on Americans with the use of terrorism. At the moment, they are faceless and elusive. But they need to be brought to justice, too.”