Armed And Dangerous?

“There is a strong possibility that Animal Liberation Front (ALF) terrorists have come into possession of Anthrax as the result of having invaded laboratories that have been researching the disease,” columnist Tom DeWeese writes. In 1999, a military officer in charge of a bioterror training exercise told DeWeese that groups like the Earth Liberation Front, ALF’s sister organization, “were known to have been in contact with [foreign] terrorist organizations. These U.S. based groups, he said, were helping to make plans to aid such murderous, biological attacks from within the U.S.”

DeWeese’s report is cause for concern, especially as The New York Times reports that Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson believes “the nation’s food supply could be the target of a terrorist attack and urged Congress to authorize the hiring of hundreds of additional food inspectors.”

DeWeese notes that The Agroterrorism Prevention Act was introduced by Rep. George Nethercutt (R-WA) before September 11. Earlier this month, Nethercutt pleaded with his colleagues to attach the measure to President Bush’s anti-terrorism package. “Congress refused to take action, failing to understand the connection with environmental terrorists.”

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