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Irradiating Infidels

Ralph Nader‘s group Public Citizen is on a mission from God — to stop the electronic irradiation of food, a process that eliminates harmful bacteria. At least, that’s what Mark Worth, head of Public Citizen’s anti-irradiation technology drive, thinks. “As human beings, we have to accept the hazards of life, and E. coli and salmonella are part of life,” Worth blithely says in an attack on SureBeam safety technology. “The expectations of preserving life in this country are insanely high.”

Is life worthless to Worth? He goes on to argue against vaccination against diseases like polio and anthrax. “In those cases, you get into the whole theological question about the will of God,” he says — and The San Diego Union-Tribune adds, “he’s not sure that wiping out smallpox was a good idea.”

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