PETA’s Schoolyard Scare

“A self-righteous animal-rights group is trying to scare children” away from drinking milk, The Edmonton Sun reports. PETA has brought its anti-milk scare campaign to Canada, handing out cards showing sickly children, suffering ailments PETA claims are brought on by milk. Says the Sun: “Never mind that top medical and nutrition experts have long promoted milk because it’s loaded with calcium and other nutrients.”

The paper writes that since “adults are too smart to swallow [PETA’s] drivel, PETA is directing its anti-milk campaign at our kids instead.” But the kids aren’t stupid — in Ottawa, children raised pro-milk placards and shouted down a PETA activist dressed in a cow suit.

The Winnipeg school board chair says PETA’s scare campaign might violate children’s right to go to school without harassment, and Manitoba may even seek an injunction to halt PETA’s activities. PETA’s response: “Kids want and deserve to be told the truth.” But watch out — that line comes from PETA agitator Bruce Friedrich, who has endorsed acts of domestic terrorism in the United States.

As one mother says: “They shouldn’t be using a school to spread their propaganda.”

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