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Activists, Label Thyselves

Members of the extreme anti-genetic improvement group Northeast RAGE swarmed stores last month and vandalized products by affixing “poison” and “biohazard” stickers to cereal, potato chips, soup and other products which contained genetically improved ingredients — taking on foods produced using new technologies that the European Union has called “even safer than conventional plants and foods.”

But while they did a lot of labeling, these activists don’t like to label themselves. Their website,, keeps quiet about who’s behind it all, with not a single organization mentioned. This seems to be an effort to present LabelThis as a grassroots movement, but also to maintain a veil of anonymity so the criminals can’t be caught.

But we’ve caught them green-handed. It turns out the domain name is owned by Jim Thomas — a Greenpeace anti-food activist. And in an error-packed video on the site that shows the vandals at work on their “National Day of Labeling Action,” one activist slipped up, saying “Greenpeace is out here today” taking part in the action.

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