PETA Goes Hog Wild

PETA is joining the scare campaign against U.S. hog farming, signing on to the effort to put an anti-“factory farming” initiative on the ballot in Florida. Hog farming in Florida? Maybe when pigs fly. It’s like taking on Alaskan citrus growers. Even the campaign leaders admit, “there are only a handful of farms in Florida using” the methods they oppose. So why fight there?

PETA’s Bruce Friedrich tipped his hand in a recent e-mail announcement to supporters. It’s all about getting the foot in the door — even if it’s a pig’s foot. If passed, the Florida initiative “will be the first” to ban this type of food production. “It would help us lobby in Congress” and “could lead to similar… campaigns in other states,” he writes. PETA will run television ads, forcing “millions of people… to consider how their dietary choices contribute” to behavior PETA doesn’t like.

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