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Well, They Wanted Publicity…

We’ve told you again and again how the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is using Harry Potter to try to increase its visibility and membership. Let’s give someone else a chance to weigh in.

“[CSPI’s] Save Harry campaign is one of the most self-righteous and self-serving crusades of recent occurrence,” Claire Parsons of The Louisville Cardinal writes. “Not only do they attack a valid business deal, but they also employ blatant propaganda on their website… Coca-Cola is a business and is using Harry Potter to sell its product.” But pointing this out does not make CSPI “the savior of the world’s children. In fact [CSPI] is gaining from the campaign against cola… Save Harry may not bring in money, but it does bring in publicity.”

“Save Harry paints Coca-Cola as an evil empire whose sole mission is to make money… and [CSPI] itself as the pious, grassroots organization that will, one day, topple Coca-Cola’s tyrannical rule. It’s funny, I thought that the good versus evil plot extended only as far as Harry Potter.”

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