Irradiation of food can save lives, Alex Avery of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Food Issues wrote in The Washington Times last week:

“Irradiation could do far more, preventing literally thousands of American deaths and millions of non-fatal infections… The roadblock is a dedicated group of anti-technology activists successfully scaring consumers away from a food safety solution by claiming irradiation is a food safety problem.

“Food irradiation is now approved in more than 40 countries. The American Medical Association, the American Dietetic Association and literally dozens of respected health and medical organizations around the world endorse its use to treat food. The World Health Organization calls buying irradiated food one of its 10 Golden Rules of Food Safety. There is simply no doubt whatsoever about the safety and effectiveness of food irradiation.

“The true error in judgment would be continuing to listen to the activists, rather than to public health experts and consumers.”