Cold-Calling Terrorists

“A newspaper quoted [PETA’s Ingrid] Newkirk as saying: ‘Six million Jews died in the concentration camps, but six billon broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.’ Tell that to someone who lost a relative in the Holocaust,” Paul Driessen of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow writes in The Washington Times — denouncing the “illogical logic” of “a radical and self-righteous fringe group that wants to impose its own extreme code of conduct on all.”

We’ve reported on the spate of animal-rights terrorism in 2001, even after September 11, but it seems they haven’t let up in the new year. (Click here to cast your vote opposing domestic terrorism.) There’s already been an ecoterror-linked arson in Colorado — and on January 3, the terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF) attacked the home of Warren Stephens, an investor in Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Says ALF: “After scoping out the area, we jumped over his gate to gain access to the front of the house. We quickly smashed out his porch lights and windows.” (It was just one of several New Year’s actions against HLS — including an “invasion” of a Stephens office.)

Spreading the word of the attack on Stephens’s private home was one Darius Fullmer of the Animal Defense League New Jersey (ADLNJ) — a confessed ALF terrorist and convicted felon who attacked a fried chicken restaurant in 1997, and who has vowed to “use whatever means I deem is necessary” to advance his ideology. Despite all this, Fullmer’s ADLNJ insists it “is not the ALF.”

Fullmer, who hides behind the Internet alias “MalignantX,” has distributed home addresses and phone numbers of businesspeople, saying they can’t hide from the terrorists: “They know that there won’t always be riot police on their doorsteps and that we can and will show up for demonstrations at any time.” He wrote after the Stephens home attack: “We paid this criminal a visit… We hope this action has made it even more difficult for him to rest. We’ll be back.”

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