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Commoner’s Anti-Biotech Con

You’d think activist Barry Commoner would have learned a lesson from his 1980 presidential campaign, when 99.7% of those who voted rejected his left-wing message. But he’s back, attacking genetic improvement of foods in the new issue of Harper’s magazine as “unpredictable” and “catastrophic.”

Commoner, a “scientist” who offers no new science in his article (simply putting a spin on existing research), is hardly unbiased on biotech. Commoner is a frequent figure at anti-technology “biodevastation” protests where “direct action” against scientific research groups is plotted and executed. Commoner has also appeared at events organized by anti-consumer groups like Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Northeast RAGE, and the Genetic Engineering Action Network.

Like many of these groups, Commoner receives foundation funding for his technology trashing. To learn more about anti-consumer groups and where they get their money, visit

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