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Soda Down The Drain

More from the frontlines of the War on Obesity: Oakland is the latest city to fall, with students now prohibited from buying soft drinks and candy from vending machines at schools.

“By the end of next month, an Oakland school student with a few quarters to spare won’t be able to spend them buying Mountain Dew or Snickers bars on campus,” The San Francisco Chronicle reports. “The district-wide policy is the first of its kind in the state and among the strictest in the nation. It’s being heralded as a key beachhead in the battle to reclaim school cafeterias from junk food.”

Remember that anti-fat zealots have openly declared the campaign against soft drinks in schools as a “wedge” issue meant to open up all sorts of foods and beverages to new government regulation and restriction.

What comes after the “wedge” issue wins? British “researchers looking into diet and food labeling” are working on a plan to print “fat tally” graphs on supermarket receipts — with “recommended levels” printed alongside.

Says one advocate: “You can [total] up the amount of fat on an itemized bill in the same way as you can [total] up the price.”

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