Pork Patrol Invades Florida

Anti-meat activists are planning to invade Florida. They are using the Internet to rally forces, and raise funds to transport them, to Florida to join "corps of volunteers working night and day to get the 600,000 signatures required to put [an anti-hog farming] initiative on the ballot at the next election." They need 300,000 more signatures by the end of June, and implore supporters to mob the state, noting: "The pigs can't fly, but you can!"

Why Florida? Even the leaders of the anti-pork effort concede "there are only a handful of pork farms in Florida using" the methods they oppose. PETA, which is working hard for the cause, has explained why: If passed, the Florida initiative "will be the first" to ban this type of food production. "It would help us lobby in Congress" and "could lead to similar… campaigns in other states."

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