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Prevailing Tides?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says the “Tides Center does routine business for nonprofits” like taking care of distracting day-to-day operations. But Tides, which has just opened a Pittsburgh branch, its third center in the U.S., does more than that: “The center provides, on a fee-for-service basis, fiscal sponsorship and co-management services to nonprofits promoting social change.”

To Tides, that means promoting anti-consumer organizations — and providing cover for fringe organizations that could not hope to gain tax-exempt status from the IRS if not for the Tides connection. The Tides Center runs the Tides Foundation, through which funds are dispersed to many of the usual suspects: The Center for Food Safety, EarthSave International, Greenpeace USA, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Northern Plains Resource Council, and the Ruckus Society. (For more on these organizations and many more, visit

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