As we reported last week, anti-food activists have launched a campaign to “convince” grocery stores to stop selling Chilean sea bass, a popular seafood selection picked by Bon Appetit as “Dish of the Year” in 2001. Now, Greenpeace has jumped on the bandwagon.

Sea bass has been on the seafood hit list ever since the “Give Swordfish A Break” campaign of several years ago. That campaign, which sought to eliminate swordfish as a restaurant choice for the same reasons that sea bass is now targeted, was questioned by a representative of the National Marine Fisheries Service, who said at the time: “It will end up having a detrimental effect on our fishermen… I know a lot of [U.S. fishermen] who have lost their jobs already.”

Meanwhile, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on a Seattle vendor’s new partnership with EcoFish, sellers of “environmentally friendly” seafood, removing other seafood from its stores. Perversely, the paper sees this as good news for consumers — “making your choice easier by offering only EcoFish products.”