The strange effort to put a restrictive anti-hog farming initiative on the Florida ballot this November is pressing ahead. Anti-pork activists from a self-described “national animal protection movement” have descended on Florida from all over the United States. They have already gathered 575,000 signatures, and need just 75,000 more over the next month, to get the measure on the ballot. [For more on the national anti-hog farming effort, click here.]

Why Florida? Even the leaders of the anti-pork campaign admit “there are only a handful of pork farms in Florida using” the methods they oppose. PETA, which is working hard for the cause, is blunt about the ulterior motives. If passed, PETA’s Bruce Friedrich has declared, the Florida initiative “will be the first” to ban this type of food production. “It would help us lobby in Congress” and “could lead to similar… campaigns in other states.”