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War On Fat: Here Come The Lawyers

“Look out, stomach, here it comes!” The Daily Oklahoman warns in an editorial. With anti-consumer activists targeting snacks and restaurant foods, “lawyers are poised to compel another giant transfer of wealth from your pockets to theirs.”

Lawyers will enter the picture as soon as the government paves the way,” the Oklahoman writes. And a tax on your favorite foods “is now being seriously discussed… Taxing these items will strain the family food budget and raise money for government programs. Relax, though, it’s ‘for the children.’ Sound familiar?

“But who really pays? In the case of the crackdown on Big Tobacco, smokers are paying, putting money into government coffers and law firm bank accounts. In the case of food, everybody who eats will pay more for everything they eat as the cost of litigation, jury verdicts and settlements are spread throughout the food chain…. As long as there’s a buck in it for the lawyers, the crusade against Happy Meals will go forth.”

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