PETA: Proud To Support Terror

“PETA doesn’t let political correctness get in the way of a good ad campaign,” The Virginian-Pilot reports, but now, consumer freedom advocates are using the animal rights fringe group’s own words and actions in response. “There is even a push to revoke PETA’s tax-exempt status because of a contribution it made to” the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

At a congressional hearing in February, The Virginian-Pilot continues, “an FBI official testified that ‘special-interest extremism,’ including actions by animal-rights activists, has now become ‘the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat to the country.’ James Jarboe, head of the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Section, testified that the Earth Liberation Front and its sister organization, the Animal Liberation Front, had committed more than 600 criminal acts, causing more than $43 million in damage, since 1996.”

ELF has been called “the largest and most active U.S.-based terrorist group” by the FBI, and along with ALF commits arson, sets off time bombs and incendiary devices, destroys research facilities, runs online eco-terror “training camps,” and much more.

PETA gave ELF $1,500 to “support their program activities.” Says congressional staffer Joshua Penry: “Remarkably, [PETA is] proud of the fact that they’ve given to ELF. They’re either terribly naive or out-and-out arrogant.”

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